All hail Helen!!

All hail Helen!!
Helen Carmona and your humble blogger

Friday, January 14, 2011

Yankees welcome their newest fan in Asia!

The Yankees bandwagon is never full, as we all know, and during the offseason, when we're all warming up and waiting for spring training, one of the best things we long-time fans can do is go scouting for new ones.

Well..... I found one! She's Helen Carmona, an enthusiastic new Yankees supporter from the Philippines. For the last month, Helen has been doing her due diligence, sifting through the websites, finding out all she can. (And this blogger is proud to note that this site was one of Helen's first stops! Yes, this blogger is VERY proud of that!!)

Now, with her first season as an official fan upcoming, all Bombers fans welcome Helen aboard!

Welcome to the big club, Helen Carmona! Your life will never be the same!

In order for us all to get to know Helen, here's a short interview with the world's newest Yankees fan:

So who's your favorite Yankees player?
HC: I dont have one yet. I'm looking at stats on the official team website. I need to decode the AB, the BB, etc. Haha! Right now, I'm just looking at terms, looking at players, and reading your blog!

How did you become interested in the Yankees in the first place?
I got introduced to this blog and I got hooked. And I wanted to learn the dynamics of the game.

What has been the most interesting thing you have learned so far?
Yes. The language of baseball and the meaning, like the count, innings, and double play.

Are you looking forward to watching your first game as Yankees fan?
Yes! I want to see if I really learned something! I need to watch so I know if I can comment on the game.

Trivia question, and you have to answer fast: How many World Series championships have the Yankees won in their history?

You know Yankees fans will LOVE you for that mistake, right?
Ha ha! Well great then!

One more chance at trivia: Which Yankees players is considered the greatest player ever?
Babe Ruth, right?

Correct! And that's a good place to end, on a real high note. We welcome you aboard, Helen!
Thank you!!